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Yaxhuna Mayan Adventure

Quick Details

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Discover the forgotten ancient city of Yaxunah 

Just as seen in Netflix Chef’s table series we would travel to the 1000 year old town of Yaxhuna to admire the Mayan ruins that were built and overshadowed by the great Chichén Itzá located 13 miles away.

Yaxunah (which means green houses in Mayan) it’s like an Indiana Jones movie set, since it’s an older site than nearby Chichen Itza, Yaxunah is not as restored so it is not as attractive to tourist. But for those that like to get off the beaten path and explore a little more, you will find this site interesting to see.

It will doubtlessly blow your mind with an incredible architecture, history and amazing buildings Through which the Mayan culture continues to speak.

After visiting this fantastic archeological site then we will move over to the old town of Yaxhuna were Mayan chefs will teach us about the vast culinary ancestral traditions of their grandfathers of which they are recipients. Make your own tortilla in the fire and taste the flavors of Yucatán.

You can’t miss a the delicious cochinita pibil that was slowly cooked underground for 28 hours just bring out a matchless feast of flavors to please your palate, 

That’s not it! The LDS TOURS CANCUN team have combed the Yucatán peninsula looking for the best natural attractions and we have for you a visit to the most extraordinary cenote you’ll ever see! 

Cenote Lol Ha is a nature’s caprice  that you’ll enjoy from the begging to the end! 

Words aren’t enough to describe the amazing swimming you’ll have at this place. An unmissable experience!

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We recommend bringing the following:

  • Towels
  • Comfy, light-colored clothes
  • Comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers)
  • Sunscreen (preferably biodegradable)
  • Your ID
  • A hat or a small carry-on umbrella
  • Lots of water to stay hydrated during the day
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra cash for souvenirs


  • Private premium transportation
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel lobby
  • Toll road fees
  • Cold bottled water all day
  • Introduction to the Maya and local culture on the way to the ruins
  • Delicious lunch buffet and soft drinks
  • Swimming break at Maya cenote
  • Traveler’s insurance — on board only
  • If you booked complementary activities, all fees are included in the price.


  • Towels
  • Lockers
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Life vest
  • Gratuities