Yucatan Circuit Tour Day 1 House of the Itzaes

Yucatan Circuit Tour Day 1 House of the Itzaes

YUCATAN CIRCUIT TOUR DAY 1 LDS Tour of Edzna - "House of the Itzaes"

Book of Mormon

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This tour is geared for LDS travellers staying in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya, Cozumel or  Tulum who would like to learn a great deal more about the spectacular Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula.  This is a 3- to 5-day (optional) journey through the península visiting the site of most interest to LDS  travellers due to their close connection with the events described in the Book of Mormon.

This impressive archeological zone is very interesting because of the many technological advances that have been discovered on the site in the last few years, created by the Mayas who inhabited the site during ancient times.  These included an advanced water transport system where a network of canalran through the valley and the water was conducted towards a lagoon that had been made into a dam using retaining walls.  Other canals were used for crop irrigation.  This canal system created an optimum degree of moisture in the earth for intensive cultivation.  The canals also provided abundant fishing besides being used as a means of boat transportation. 
Edzna is one of the few cities found in the Yucatan Peninsula that dates back to the year 400 B.C., an era that certainly interesting for all LDS visitors to learn about. 
Let yourself be guided by the experience of the professional LDS guides from LDS Tours Cancun By  Mormon Encounter.  These well-informed guides know the site and its history, as well as archeological details that provide such a deep vision that will recapture a glorious era from the Book of Mormon.  
The LDS Tour to Edzna is one of our 5-star tours that we invite you to make - there are few sites that offer the same amount of evidence as Edzna.  Don’t miss it!


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