LDS Tulum Mayan Church Cenote

LDS Tulum Mayan Church Cenote


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Very often one hears of the extinction or disappearance of the Mayan culture.  LDS Cancun Tours by Mormon Encounter has designed this tour to help you understand the truth about this mysterious episode in the history of a magnificent civilization, and it can be witnessed in one of the principle arenas of the encounter between the first Spanish conquerors and the Mayas: Tulum.
Come learn the details that make Tulum unique and that keeps its religious history alive. Be guided by the vast experience of our LDS guides, the varied aspects of this site as it relates to the history of the Book of Mormon.
You will also learn about the Mayan religion today, as manifested through the fascinating rituals, teachings and myths that have been an intricate part of their lives since ancient times.   You will hear this information from the mouths of the current Mayan priests as they speak in their own temple. 
As an added plus to thistour we invite you to cool off by snorkeling in the awe-inspiring Grand Cenote, a natural sinkhole. Thistour truly offers a window into a past you should learn more about during your vacation in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Cancun.


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