LDS Tour Becan

LDS Tour Becan


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Becan is a Mayan archeological site located in the Mexican state of Campeche.It is noteworthy for being surrounded by a moat mentioned in Alma 53:4,it is  the only one in the Mayan region.  For some investigators it is testimony to the continuous war activities between Becan and other cities in the region.  For others it represents a clear division between social clases, since the inner area is made up of structures built as architectural monuments reserved for the elite.  Becan could be entered through seven different entrances: three to the north, one to the west, two to the south and one to the east, the latter of which is the current entrance to the site.  Outside the area surrounded by the moat there are a great deal of minor structures that served as residences, grain storage, anctuaries, farming terraces, etc., which were used by the bulk of the population in order to sustain the ruling dynasty of Becan.
The site is academically classified by researchers as the regional capital of one of the most important architectural areas of Campeche state, which is the region known as Rio Bec.


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