LDS Bountiful Tour Kinich Na Dzibanche

LDS Bountiful Tour Kinich Na Dzibanche


Book of Mormon



Considered by a great number of LDS Researchers as the well-known Bountiful City, Dzibanche is one the most relevant places in the Book of Mormon, around which events of great importance took place.  The city was founded a few years before 200 BC.
Dzibanche forms part of a group of Mayan cities found in southern Quintana Roo state that are crucial for understanding the development of the Mayan culture in the region.  It is an enormous settlement known for its rivalry with the great city of Calakmul in terms of size and religious-political power.
It is made up of a three-tiered acropolis which was the most important in the area due to its religious origen.  Kinich Na, a temple located just outside the great city of Dzibanche, has a unique, imposing and at the same time simple architecture.
Dzibanche is not a very well-known site, nor is it one that is often visited since it is nestled deep withing the jungles of the southernmost part of the Yucatan Peninsula along the Mexican border with Belice.  Despite that, the professional guides from LDS Tours Cancun by Mormon Encounter have carried out studies of the area and have analyzed the different theories that have existed to date.  They know the importance of the information they possess, and they are ready to share it with all their beloved brothers who visit the area.


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